Manage the Cost of Your Digital Transformation

Ricardo Fachin, Corporate Director FH Consulting
Ricardo Fachin, Corporate Director FH Consulting

Opportunities for IT Operations to Bring Value to New Digital Business Models

Huge technology transformations are occurring for business and IT. Customers are increasingly demanding superior digital experiences anytime, anywhere, and companies are embarking on upgrades that embrace the four big trends of the digital business model: mobile, cloud, social, and big data.

Setting a new digital strategy may mean changes in technologies, skills, and business models, while still meeting traditional business requirements: control the investment, optimize operating costs, and offer functional flexibility. Today, IT operations must do more than just fix things when they break. In fact, IT has an opportunity both to support innovation and generate significant value to the business.

FH Consulting invests in the development of new service offerings and, in partnership with SAP, helps improve business and user performance through a tested framework of standards and best practices for IT operations. We provide service offerings based on business and user performance, rather than traditional timeticket-driven service-level agreements (SLAs), common in application support contracts.

Our application management services (AMS) approach has two main pillars.

1. Linking IT and Business Metrics

IT operations can generate more value to the business by effectively monitoring processes. By establishing an operations control center, companies can ensure central visibility into exceptions and incidents, enabling real-time alert handling and continuous processes improvement. The Application Processes Monitoring service from FH Consulting, which runs on top of business process monitoring functionality in SAP Solution Manager, enables truly proactive processoriented monitoring of the most critical business processes. This means that business users and IT professionals can effectively track, administer, measure, and analyze the end-to-end performance processes to ensure a smooth and reliable operation of business processes.

2. Keeping Maintenance in Check from Development to Production

Consider that bug fixes can be 15 to 20 times more expensive in a productive system than in development, and it’s clear that long-term savings start well before rollout. Best practices for reducing maintenance time and effort include:

■ Start with quality custom ABAP code. FH Consulting’s developers maintain high standards using the ABAP Test Cockpit for quality assurance.

■ Create test artifacts that can be reused on the changed business processes to dramatically reduce maintenance effort. Business Process Change Analyzer in SAP Solution Manager helps identify all impacted business process components and scenarios. This can be combined with risk-based test optimization that balances test scope and risk, so you only test what matters.

■ Reduce adaptive maintenance costs using guided procedures to set up a dual-track landscape with a retrofit feature. This is an effective way to support two major releases per year and frequent minor enhancements, with near-zero downtime.

About FH Consulting FH Consulting is a Brazilian IT company with services based on business and user performance. We have done projects in more than 25 countries, and our customers include companies such as SABB Coca-Cola, Getnet, ArcelorMittal, and the O Boticário Group. For more on FH Consulting, visit


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